The history

The adventure begins in 1927, in Leuze-en-Hainaut in Belgium, when Auguste François opens up his knitting factory. At that time, more than 2000 persons are working for this industry in this small village.

The “Etablissements Auguste François” then create, manufacture and sell knitted models for babies. His grand-daughter, Liliane, takes over the management of the company at the end of the sixties. Most of the production is then aimed for big distributors. At the end of the seventies, her main target becomes diversification. She offers the customers a complete product, mixing the knitting and the woven, and also delocalizes part of the manufacturing.

In 1988, her son Thierry joins the family company. Time has now come for restructuring in order to better adapt to the big changes occuring in the textile market. Market policies are changing and, next to direct manufacturing for big chains, the company turns also to the production of smaller children and adult collections.

The beginning

January 2007, a decision is taken. TRICO-FRANÇOIS will distribute its own brand. Fruit of the experience acquired, the first “Mes Soeurs et Moi” collection will be presented at the “Prêt-à-porter” in Paris in September 2007.

Customers like the product, it′s a succes! With a pure style, designed in original colors, the collection shows an inventive fashion, outside of the tendencies.

To be continued...