Once upon a time…

Auguste François founded his company in 1927, at a time when the Belgian textile industry was thriving and famous. Leuze was then an important textile manufacturing area, employing more than 35,000 persons. The family business knitted baby clothes that it was selling to wholesalers and retail chains, first in Belgium and later abroad.

New generation

In the mid-1980s, while the Belgian textile industry was falling apart because of the virtually omnipresent Asian competition, TRICO-FRANCOIS entered into a transformation phase. Under the leadership of Liliane Francois, Auguste’s granddaughter, the family business relocated a part of its production in Cyprus to ensure the company’s future.

The beginning of a new era

Towards the end of the 1980s, Thierry Dubus, Liliane Francois’s son, decided to embark on this adventure too. Facing an increasingly competitive market, TRICO-FRANCOIS decided to make a 360 degree turn. The textile factory would be shut down and the company would now use Polish subcontractors to produce cut and stitched articles.

A change of course

The 80s marked a turning point in the history of the company, the real change of course happened in the 90s. In 1995, Martine Marcelle, Thierry Dubus’s wife, joined the family business. Under her impetus, TRICO-FRANCOIS decided to take on a significant challenge : rethinking completely its core business and entering the women’s ready-to-wear market. The new TRICO-FRANCOIS was born !

The creation of a brand : MES SŒURS & MOI

In 2007, Thierry and Martine Dubus, wishing to stand on their own and taking advantage of their experience, decided to create their own brand of women’s ready-to-wear : MES SŒURS & MOI. Their very first collection was launched shortly after and presented at the Paris fashion trade show.

A family business 2.0

2020 will also provide many innovations. Dedicated to meet its client needs in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, MES SŒURS & MOI will go online. As a true showcase for our collection, the e-shop will now make the ordering process easy for our partner shops and give us a real tool for direct sales. A must in a digital world.

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