Natural materials, socially-responsible production, fashion that is both ethical and affordable.

At MES SŒURS & MOI these values have guided us since the beginning. The combination of Inheriting a textile business dating back to the 1920s,
& launching our new brand in 2007, has all been driven by the strong willingness to offer an alternative fashion for the woman of today … and of tomorrow.

Comfort & Freedom

Strong values for strong women ! MES SŒURS & MOI is intended for active and optimistic women, looking for comfortable clothing without giving up femininity, but above all for those who want to break free of a too standardized fashion.

The woman, according to MES SŒURS & MOI, is free and wants to create her own personal style by combining, matching and superimposing different pieces of clothes.

Natural materials

Linen, cotton, knitwear, wool, these are definitely our essential materials ! Whether light or warm, these natural materials combine comfort and elegance.

In the summer, MES SŒURS & MOI mainly uses cotton and especially linen, whose elegance is no longer to be proven.

For the winter collection, wool and knitwear, soft and warm, are used in many different ways.

Ethical production

Fashion design, pattern making and model designs are made in Leuze, in our workshops built in the late 1920’s, while production is carried out abroad. Most of our collections are produced in a Tunisian workshop with which we have been working for more than 15 years.

We can also count on other strong partnerships with Portugal and Romania, famous for their knitwear.

At MES SŒURS & MOI, the quality and transparency of our relationships go hand in hand with the expertise and advice we share. As far as our suppliers are concerned, we rely on long-lasting partnerships that respect both nature and people.

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